Today is a special day for Teri Wilhelmy. It's her birthday!

Happy Birthday Teri!
Congratulations! You survived another trip around the sun!
All the best to you.
Have fun, enjoy life and stay healthy!

Teri Wilhelmy 1993Teri Wilhelmi, 1993, Stadion Berliner Strasse (Foto: Howard Fuhs)

Teri Wilhelmy became the first coach of the newly founded cheerleader squad in the autum of 1992. Without her, a successful foundation of the squad wouldn't have been possible. She had all the knowledge about cheerleading and athletic development the Phantoms were missing.

She moved together with her husband Rick to Wiesbaden. He was serving as a soldier at Wiesbaden Airbase and Teri helped me putting a cheerleader team together. She was the coach and I was the man in the backoffice trying to organize this bag of fleas. All the efforts culminated in the participation of the cheerleading team in the state championships in the autum of 1993 where the team occupied the 4th place.

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."
- Groucho Marx
In spring of 1994 Teri had to leave the Phantoms as her husband Rick had to move back to the US. But she settled the quarrel, a stable base to develop the cheerleader squad further. And this solid foundation stone is the base of the actual Phantoms cheerleader team. Two-time European champions and 35-times state champions of the state of Hesse. 28 years later!

Teri Wilhelmy beim TrainingTeri Wilhelmy (in the middle) during Training with the very first Cheerleader Squad at Hainerberg Housing, right in front of her house (Foto: Howard Fuhs)

Find more photos of the beginnings of the Wiesbaden Phantoms online in my photo archive.

Stay tuned for more to come and don't forget to support the Wiesbaden Phantoms. Vor allem aber, bleibt gesund!

Have fun!
Howard #70

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