A Look Back to the Hessen Bowl 1995

by Howard Fuhs

16. April 2023

In 1995, the Hessian Football Association AFVH decided to hold a Hessen Bowl for the first time. Although I was no longer with the Phantoms at the time, I was able to follow the drama in the daily press.

Although the Phantoms were given home rights against the Marburg Mercenaries in their first Hessen-Bowl game, they had to play away in Marburg. In such a short time, no field in Wiesbaden was free to host a home game. Neither the field in the former Camp Lindsey nor any other grass field could be made available to the Phantoms by the sports department.

The Wiesbaden Phantoms won the game against the Marburg Mercenaries on August 27, 1995 with 21:20 points. But the next game in the Hessen-Bowl against the Rüsselsheim Razorbacks was lost with 74:03 points. The Phantoms were eliminated from the Hessen Bowl.

Now, after almost 30 years, the AFVH has decided to hold a Hessen Bowl again. And the Wiesbaden Phantoms will take part again in the tournament!

Below are three more documents from the time regarding the Hessen Bowl that I was able to find in the Phantoms archive.

Hessen-Bowl 1995
Phantoms News August 1995 (Scan: Howard Fuhs)

Hessen-Bowl 1995
American Football Association Hessen AFVH Schedule Hessen-Bowl 1995 (Scan: Howard Fuhs)

Hessen-Bowl 1995
Results of the Phantoms Saison 1995 (Scan: Howard Fuhs)

More photos from the early days of the Wiesbaden Phantoms can also be found online in my photo archive Lichtbildwerkstatt.Net!

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